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Tannoy Revolution XT 6

Tannoy Revolution XT 6

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Using a single Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver, the XT 6 delivers pure point-source articulation and realises the additional smoothness and bass extension of the new driver design.

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Combining a 150 mm (6 inch) multi-fibre cone with a 25 mm Linear PEI dome and benefitting from the Torus-Ogive waveguide the Revolution XT 6 driver is coupled with a crossover using low loss laminated core inductors and audiophile components throughout.

The 10.8 litre cabinet has Revolution XT’s signature trapezoid shape and is uniquely fitted with a miniature plinth in keeping with the larger floorstanding models. The plinth serves to add low-down mass to the design, affording highly stable placement on stands or shelves for the most accurate acoustic reproduction. Heavily constructed and extensively braced, the cabinet has exceptionally low colouration further enhancing its ability to communicate nuances and emotion of music. The Revolution XT 6 is an incredibly accurate mini-monitor for those who appreciate music presented with utmost detail and texture.

Tekniske specifikationer

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Vikt 7.5000
Typ Passiv
Lådkonstruktion Portad låda
Känslighet 89 dB
Impedans 8
Frekvensomfång (+/-3dB) 46 Hz - 32 kHz
Recommended amplifier power 25 - 120 W
Diskant Dual Concentric™ High Frequency 25 mm (1”) Linear PEI dome
Bas/Mellanregister Dual Concentric™ Low Frequency 150 mm (6”) multi-fibre paper 44 mm (1.75”) voice coil
Högtalaranslutning Bi-wire
Mått (HxBxD) 400.5 x 221 x 302 mm