Audiolab 6000CDT CD-spelare

Audiolab 6000CDT

Audiolab 6000CDT

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The 6000CDT is a dedicated CD transport incorporating the same slot-loading mechanism as audiolab’s flagship CD player, the 8300CD. Extremely robust and reliable, it uses a read-ahead digital buffer to reduce disc-reading failures, able to play scratched and damaged CDs that are unreadable by conventional mechanisms.

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  • Dedikerad CD transport

  • 1x SPDIF out

  • 1x COAX out

  • 12v Trigger

The Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport is an ergonomic sound device designed to provide crisp sound output. The CD driver with an integrated amplifier is an innovative, performance-lead sound processing instrument. The Audiolab 6000CDT transfers the music output faultlessly from a mix of analogue and digital sources to the connected speakers. The CD Transport uses class A/B amplification and delivers 50 watts per channel. The 32-bit DAC is fed by two coaxial and two optical inputs. The 6000CDT uses slot charge mechanism first introduced in the popular Audiolab 8300CD series. Upgraded with a digital buffering technique, the CD Transport avoids disc-reading failures. It also diminishes the errors whilst reading the discs of different configurations. The rigid transports are designed to hold, spin, and read the disc while keeping them scratch-less. This CD driver features an inbuilt digital clock which is controlled by a temperature compensated crystal oscillator that ensures minimum jitter in optical and coaxial outputs. The Audiolab 6000CDT offers a maximum sampling rate of 96 kHz that can reproduce sound frequencies as high as 43.6 kHz. With an output impedance of 75 ohms, the CD Transport device ensures a healthy power transmission system. The 6000CDT features a 12V trigger output and auto standby mode to avoid excess heating and power consumption. With a maximum power consumption of 20W and standby power consumption of less than 0.5W, it is an energy efficient device. The 6000CDT with dimensions 445(W) x 300(H) x 65.5(D) mm weighs only 7.2 kg. The CD transport comes with a remote control to help you operate the system even from a distance. Kick back on your comfy couch and play the 6000CDT with your favourite genre of music. The CD transport system is available in black or silver finishes to add a stylish look to your living room and interiors. Class A/B integrated amplifier 50 watts per channel 32-bit DAC Digital buffering technique to avoid disc-reading failure In-built digital clock Output impedance of 75 ohms

Tekniske specifikationer

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Tillverkare Audiolab
Vikt 5.4000
Max Samplingsfrekvens 44.1 KHz
Utgångsimpedans 75±1 ohm
Frekvensomfång ≤0.01dB @ 20-20kHz
Strömförsörjning 240V/230V/115V/100V ~ 50 - 60Hz
Mått (HxBxD) 300 x 445 x 65,5 (mm)
Max. Energiförbrukning 15W
Standby strömförbrukning <0.5W